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Needed for the Plugin to Work
  • Formidable Forms

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • WordPress

See below for more information and links to the plugins.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Form
Acrobat is Adobe’s professional PDF authoring and management tool to create fill-in PDF forms.

Any version of Acrobat will work with Formidable PRO2PDF, except Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Or use PDFescape – a free online PDF fill-in-form creator & editor.

Formidable Forms
Formidable Forms allows WordPress users and designers to build forms fast and simple with a simple drag-and-drop interface to create custom forms or generate forms from a template.

Formidable PRO2PDF works with both the free and Pro versions of Formidable Forms.

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.

WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.


1 - SITE | ∞ - FORMS
  • All the Above
  • Unlimited Forms


∞ - SITES | 1 - FORM
  • All the Above
  • Unlimited Sites
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Formidable PRO2PDF Plugin Reviews

“Don’t just take our word, we let the plugin’s users do the reviewing!”

star_full star_full star_full star_full star_full
  Full Version

“Really good plugin, does exactly what is supposed to do!”

  by Allen Ravin
star_full star_full star_full star_full star_full
  Trial Version

“It’s crazy the amount of support these guys gave me even on the trial version. They went into my website, figured out the problem, and even volunteered to fix it for me. This great support is hard to come by these days, I will definitely be buying this plugin.”

  by Mr. Mateu
star_full star_full star_full star_full star_full
  Free Version

“Thanks for your help setting up the PDF maker and for the free features. We need to download automatically and make the pdfs flat.”

  by Elaine U.
star_full star_full star_full star_full star_full
  Full Version

“I have a few more things lined up and I definitely have you guys in mind…will contact you as soon as everything is lined up…. You guys do great work.”

  by hwerfelli on

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What's Your Review of Formidable PRO2PDF?

What's Your Review of Formidable PRO2PDF?



Frequently Asked Questions

Does the plugin work with multisite installations?
Yes, the plugin works with WordPress Multisite (WPMU) – site limits still apply. Do not activate the plugin from the Network Plugins page, rather each site on the WPMU must activate the plugin individually.
Is support offered for the free version?
Yes – standard user support is available through the support forum or purchase a key code for premium level support.
Does the plugin create PDF files?
Not at this time. Currently the plugin populates pre-made PDF form fields with mapped data from Formidable Form and FormidablePro form fields.

Future plans include adding HTML to PDF capabilities. Subscribe for updates.

Formidable PRO2PDF Demonstration

(IRS Form W-4) Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

(IRS Form W-4) Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

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CLICK HERE for more plugin demonstrations.

  • Automatic Installation: From the Plugins link on the WP admin menu search for Formidable PRO2PDF, click install, or…
  • Manual Installation: Upload the contents of the file to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  • Then activate Formidable PRO2PDF from the Plugins link on the WP admin menu.

For a more step by step guide to install a WordPress Plugin click here.

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About the Plugin

Originally designed and coded in 2013 out of a need to print dynamic PDF documents from WordPress forms, Formidable PRO2PDF provided the automation necessary for a small insurance agency to produce more business, with the same number of employees.

Today, this Add-on Plug-in for Formidable Forms provides the entire WordPress community with a cost free method of creating dynamic PDF documents – without programming or coding – with one simple shortcode.

With the ability to merge all Formidable Form fields into Adobe PDF Form text, checkbox or radio button fields, this plug-in also integrates email attachment functionality with Formidable Form’s Email Notification Actions. Allowing site visitors to send flattened or editable PDF’s to preset or dynamic email addresses based on user input – and with a signature too!

Since the May 2015 public release of this plug-in, ongoing development has been driven 100% by user input. From adding a Word .docx output, to dynamically naming the PDF file attachment, new feature requests and support questions have been the driving force for development. If this plug-in does not work as needed for your project, don’t hesitate to ask for help, and if at all possible, we’ll design it to work for you too.

We remain at your service! – Formidable PRO2PDF

Plug-in's Main Screen - Field Map Layout from Above Demo

How to: Create and Fill PDF Forms in WordPress for FREE!

With One Simple Shortcode...   For free Wordpress sites can create, fill and print Adobe .pdf forms quickly and easily with; Formidable PRO2PDF Formidable Forms PDFEscape * Paid versions are available - but not required! For free PDFEscape's online service...

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PRO2PDF Templates

TEMPLATES - ADMIN TAB Import/Export Complete Field Map Layouts, including the Formidable form, field map layout, and the PDF form. This feature DOES NOT import/export data entries, use Formidable's import or export function for entries, views & styles....

read more

File Upload Field

PDF FIELD COMPATIBLE Text Field   FORMAT OPTIONS None Required Demo Below CONFIGURATION NOTES: File Upload Field is limited to one (1) image.  Do not use Formidable's “Multiple files” option. Image will resize proportionately to the max height of the PDF text...

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Shortcode Parameters

All parameters may be set dynamically - see demo below. Required form - ID of the Formidable form to use. Use [id] as the 'current record' variable. dataset - ID of the Formidable Forms dataset to fill the fillable PDF form. layout - ID of the Field Map Layout to use...

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Why use Formidable PRO2PDF?

Save Time & Money Many businesses rely on several different forms for every customer - and pre-printed forms from other companies - just to complete a single transaction! Formidable PRO2PDF is was created to simplify single data entry - of unlimited pre-printed...

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