IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please DOWNLOAD and update the Formidable PRO2PDF to the Latest Version!
Formidable PRO2PDF Shortcode

All parameters may be set dynamically – see demo below.


  • form – ID of the Formidable form to use. Use [id] as the ‘current record’ variable.
  • dataset – ID of the Formidable Forms dataset to fill the fillable PDF form.
  • layout – ID of the Field Map Layout to use for the merge.

Optional Parameters – Free Version

(Login to view all optional parameters)

  • download – The merged PDF file will automatically download to users computer or mobile device. And will not open in the browser window.
    • Usage: download=”auto”
  • title – The label for link to the merged PDF. If not specified, this defaults to “Download”.
    • Usage: title=”Click Here to Download”
  • class – Style the merged PDF’s link.
    • Usage: class = “my_button”

See examples of setting parameters dynamically at the bottom of this demo.

Here is the shortcode used to create the PDF from the form and dynamic parameters on this page:

formidable-download form="qr6df2" dataset=[id] layout="21" form2="613d1i" dataset2=[266] flatten="[283]" layout2="23" download="[285]" title="Click here to open prior merge again." title="[288]" filename="[286]" password=[282]
NOTE: Be sure to add the open and closing brackets “[” and “]” at the beginning and end of the shortcode.


Mapping Formidable Fields to PDF Fields

Free Version Fields

(Enter email address to receive PDF file on submit when option below is checked.)

    HTML Field

Not Visible, Always Present Fields


Formidable Signature Add-on

Pro Version Fields

Maximum file size: 268.44MB


Embed Form (Second Dataset)

Repeatable Section

Change Shortcode Settings Dynamically

(Examples of changing the plugin shortcode settings using form fields)
     (Default = No Password)
(Default = NO)
       (Default = Name of Field Map Layout )
(Default Set in Field Map Layout )
(Default = "Download")


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