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    Ash F

    I don’t quite get how to map radio button.
    I assume I have to turn on separated value function in radio button, right?
    Then what should I put to “value” field?

    I read this

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    Name your PDF Radio Buttons the same, but change the PDF Radio Button “Value” to the value of the Formidable Radio Button. Then, map the Formidable radio button to the PDF radio button.

    NOTE: Formidable’s “Use Separate Value” setting is not required, it is optional.
    NOTE: The PDF Radio Button “value” must be exactly the same as the Formidable field value, use Copy/Paste to be sure.

    If you require more help with radio buttons, please reply with the field names and values for both the Formidable and PDF forms, and we provide specific instructions.

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    We are willing to login and map one set of radio buttons for you at no charge. Use this form to request login support.

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    The form you are trying to map to is a LiveCycle form, which is not compatible with the plugin. You’ll need to create a PDF form using Adobe Acrobat,, or any other PDF form creation program.

    Please recreate the W-9 form and we’ll be happy to create a radio button example mapping for you.

    We remain at your service.

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    We also tested the demo that is built-in to the plugin and there appears to be another issue which requires our senior developer to take a look at, this ticket has been forwarded to him.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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