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Problem with Thai Character from form to pdf

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    Hi! your’s plug-in is very easy and good to implementation. I liked it very much.
    Now I have a problem with Thai Character when I filled form that I created and export to PDF but it doesn’t see anything in PDF.
    For Example,
    1) I completely filled to form (in Thai Language) (please see this picture).
    2) When I finished download the PDF file, PDF file doesn’t see the Thai character (please see this picture).
    3) But when I clicked to input text form, it show the Thai character (please see this picture).
    PS (1). I opened PDF file in Acrobat reader DC.
    PS (2). No problem in English language. Only Thai language has the problem.

    yours sincerely

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    We are aware of an issue with Slavic Characters, it’s possible the same issue exists with Thai characters, you’ll need to try changing the PDF font, if that does not work, I’m afraid we will need to refund your order as the plugin will not work with all language character sets.

    Take a look at this message thread, it may help by changing the Ariel.ttf file on your server.

    Let us know if you are able to make it work as we remain at your service.

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    I checked to my database (mySQL). it’s still Thai Character that I input before (not the ???? character).
    And I try to change font to international fonts (e.g. Angsana New, Arial, Cordia New) but it doesn’t work.
    Thank you for your advice. I will try to solve this problem.
    If I find it, I will tell you ASAP.

    yours sincerely.

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    If still needed, we have added a Language dropdown to the Field Map Layout in the latest version which includes a “Unicode” option with Thai characters. Update the plugin to use the new language dropdown.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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