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Signature issue after upgrade

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    We have a signature field that is the correct size on the PDF (created with CutePDF) and was working but after the last upgrade its almost twice as big as it should be and is covering other fields. Also, our form is public. Is there a way to limit the admin-ajax so another public user can’t create a PDF using someone else’s data (done by just changing the ID to a valid number). We’ve removed the download link so at least its not obvious (we send the PDF via email).

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    We created an update to our plugin – and – Formidable updated Forms and as well as the Signature Add-On, did you update all three?

    We experienced issues with our signature mappings too after the Formidable updates, we had to completely remove and reinstall the Signature Add-on Plugin, then all was fine.

    If all three plugins are updated (and working), we may need to take a look at your installation. If possible, email temporary login credentials to support at formidablepro2pdf dot com. If not possible, let us know if old datasets are merging at the correct size, or if they too have a size issue.

    By “signature field” that is a PDF text field that you have mapped to a Formidable Signature field, correct? Or are you trying to map to a PDF Signature Field? To be clear, the Formidable Signature Add-On only maps to PDF Text fields, not PDF Signature fields.

    We’re still working on the admin-ajax question…

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    We are currently working on an update to secure the link, the update should be complete in a day or two.

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    Today’s plugin update corrects the signature issue and adds a new “secure link” checkbox to the plugin’s “options” page. If checked, the shortcode will return a link with a key which only works for the selected form, dataset and layout.

    NOTE: The new option is not backward compatible, if the option is checked, previously created links will not work.

    We remain at your service.

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    Tim Landers

    Thank you for the quick resolution. Signature is fixed and the key is working great – very nice solution.

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