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Set dynamic password per file from PDF fields

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    Yosi Ben Zvi

    Hi guys, I was amazed to find this plugin. It is very robust and powerful. Gravity PDF and Ninja PDF failed to do what we required and when losing all hope I came across this one – simply amazing!

    Just a little optional feature that could be cool to have – concatenating to the password a dynamic field from the form/PDF could be awesome for creating stronger and personalized passwords.


    P.S. maybe you should improve SEO by adding words like “generate PDF”, get into affiliation with Formidable etc. It was really accidental to come across you. Searched mostly “WP generate PDF from web form”

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    We’re glad you found our plugin! We agree, our SEO needs work. We also agree that a dynamic password would be useful, so we added the shortcode parameter for creating stronger and personalized passwords, just use password=[xxx] in the shortcode.

    Let us know if you have any other feature requests. We remain at your service.

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    Same here, came across the plugin accidentally and must say it is one of the most robust and amazing ones I’ve bought. Great job.

    Other then that, the password attribute for the shortcode works great:
    [formidable-download password="[60]"]

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    Hey again dear support,
    I just noticed that the parameter option with password=”xxx”, only effects the password on the file that is downloaded, wither automatically or with a link.

    However, the attachment arrives without any password, or the static password you set at the map level.

    Please, make this perfect too. just like everything else so far :))))))
    Please, allow dynamic setting of the password with Webform Data Field IDs,
    just as you recently did for the file name. This would simply make it super
    versatile and dangerously awesome 🙂

    Thank you!!!

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    Done. Update your plugin to the latest version to use formidable field shortcodes in the Field Map Layout Default Password text box.

    We remain at your service.

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    Hey guys, your service truly appreciated!

    As we all strive to make this plugin a perfect piece of software,
    here are 2 bugs I noticed in my test after the last update:

    1. The name in the attached file is still not as in the filename=”xxx”
    attribute even though same pattern of Webform Data Field IDs are used in both places. (copy paste of this: filename=”[183]-[74] [75] [60].pdf”)

    2. I was curious what would happen if I removed the filename=”xxx” and Password=”xxx” attributes. I reasoned that the settings would default to whatever was set in Field Map Designer would.
    However, the after submit PDF downloaded (either automatically or through generated link), both had default filename as if nothing was specified at the map, and the password was the string value of what was set at the map ([60]), instead of the value of 60 which is the SSN in my case.

    Looks like some overriding and inconsistency are occurring right now – let’s get this right guys,
    and we are perfect to go! 🙂

    P.S> some solid QA work done here eh? 😉

    Thank you so much guys!

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    Hi dear support team, hope you are doing great! 🙂

    Any news regarding the 2 bugs I mentioned above?

    The first one is of higher priority.

    Thank you!

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