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    Tim Rudy

    I purchased E2PDF without realizing I need additional form field types that are not currently active. How can I do this? My E2PDF Key will not work for the Pro Upgrade.

    Additionally, one my site is ready it will change from to

    Can I deactivate new and activate www hosts?


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    If you mean that some field types not available at Formidable Forms, than it seems you need PRO version of Formidable. Unfortunatally E2Pdf doesn’t include PRO version of Formidable.

    Regarding changing url, yes, it’s possible to use license key on new site.

    Before changing url:
    – You will need to deactivate “Teamplates” if you have more than one.
    – You will need to drop E2Pdf license key at by going to “License” at E2Pdf plugin’s tab, click “Change” and leave field empty.

    When you change url just deactivate and activate E2Pdf plugin at plugins tab (DO NOT REMOVE), put you license key at E2Pdf “License” page, and activate “Templates”.

    If you will have any further questions regarding E2Pdf please post them at

    We remain at your service.

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    Asking for a refund. Plugin doesn’t do it for us. We have found a other solution that works with our other plugin’s. The other thing is, plugin seems slow and is killing the performance of our site.

    Hope to get confirmation of refund soon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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