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Field autoscaling not working.

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    Field autoscaling doesn’t appear to be working for my site this year. In previous years, Formidable form data would autoscale into the PDF fields.

    The fields in my PDF were configured for “autofit”, and when I manually add content into my PDF, autofit works. However, my content doesn’t automatically scale to fit the PDF fields when using Formidable Pro2PDF this year.

    Was a change made recently that would break this?

    I’m using Formidable PRO2PDF Version 3.16, Formidable Forms Pro Version 6.5.

    I can send you a screenshot or example of the problem. This worked well for us over the last few years, but something is wrong this year for us.

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    “Autoscaling” is actually a PDF function within the Font Size called “Auto”. PRO2PDF does not control the font size. Check your original PDF to be sure the field font size is set to “Auto”.

    We have confirmed the PDF Font Size of “Auto” does work without issue. If you still experience issue, let us know or complete this form to provide login credential so we may check out your installation.

    We remain at your service.

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    Thank you for confirming.

    When I get a corrected PDF, can I simply replace the version that’s on the server via FTP or do I have to use the UI to replace it?

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