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    Andrew Morris


    I have a license with you but yesterday the forms are failing to load to PDF. Usually this clears within a few hours but this time has persisted for over 24 hours.

    Can you help?


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    Our site experienced a DDoS Attack early yesterday for approximately 4hrs. The issue was resolved by 8AM PST and has been reliable for the past 24-hours. If you are currently receiving errors then the issue is not related to the outage.

    – Are you able to EXPORT PDFs from the plugin’s EXPORT tab?
    – If yes, are you using an SMTP plugin? If yes, disable the SMTP plugin and test. Let us know the results
    – If no, complete this form if possible for us to login to take a look. If not possible, then use this form to upload screenshots of;
    1. Plugin’s EXPORT tab after selecting the Formidable Form and Field Map Layout showing all the settings and at least the first two mapped fields.
    2. Plugin’s UNDER THE HOOD tab

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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