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    I have problems logging into this site every single time I try to. When I try to log in it just re-directs me to the login page every single time. I’ve tried resetting my password, and that doesn’t seem to do anything.

    The only way I’ve successfully gotten in is by making a support ticket post, this plugin is great and does awesome things but it shouldn’t be this hard to get to my account.

    Please help, I need to purchase a new license and I can’t because it keeps telling me there’s already a user registered with my email, and then redirects me to the login page that puts me back in the infinite loop.

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    Still waiting for an answer on this.

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    This is becoming a little ridiculous, I asked for help logging in on Nov 1st, it is now Nov 9th. I am trying to purchase additional site licenses and give you money, but I can’t because I can’t log into the site and I’d rather not put them on separate emails. If you can provide any help on logging into your site so I can purchase additional licenses with the same user that would be great.

    I have trouble logging in every single time I try to purchase a new license, this really needs to be fixed.

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    Our apologies for the delay, it appears the forum is not sending us notifications from non-logged in users. We are now trying to locate and fix the issue.

    In the meantime we are checking your IP address as it may be blocked from our server.

    We’ll be right back with an update!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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