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    Sharon Serguta

    We are currently using WordPress for a company intranet (private and hosted by us on our server). Your documentation states that we need to use Acrobat Pro to create the PDFs – can it be installed on the server so we don’t have to purchase a license for Acrobat Pro for 200 people (very expensive)?

    If a PDF form has already been created and we map Formidable Form fields to it, would we still have to have Acrobat Pro? We currently use Nuance PowerPDF

    I downloaded and activated your free version and it broke my site – received error 404

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    Adobe Acrobat is not required for any installation of the plugin, you may use any program which creates standard PDF Forms using text fields, checkboxes and/or radio buttons.

    However, using the plugin on an offline intranet requires PDFTK be installed on your server and PHP shell commands must also be enabled. Additionally, some of the plugin’s “convenience functions” will not be available, such as the select-box of PDF fields on the Field Map Designer.

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    Here’s a list of functions that will not be available for offline installations;
    – Field previews in field map designer;
    – List of PDF fields as a dropdown in Field Map Designer (text field will be shown, field ID has to be typed using keyboard)
    – Flatten form
    – Attaching PDF’s to e-mails

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    I don’t understand why I couldn’t attach a PDF to an email notification. Why is it different between a public or a private intranet? They both are located on a server somewhere and they both have a URL address.

    Sorry, but being able to attach a document to the Formidable Notification is the thing I need the most.

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    Per your request, we have created a “feature unlocked key” for intranet installations. Please email your product key to support (at) formidablepro2pdf DOT com to receive the key by email.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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