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    I managed to map my PDF document and map all fields, including the signature field, and the document is send by email as attachement signed and all ok.

    I am having an issue that I cannot solve:
    My document needs to have the same signature on each page, 4 signatures in total (1 signature on each page).
    I modified my PDF document and copy pasted the Signature Field (text field) on page 2, 3 and 4. I remapped the document with the form in wordpress and the document send as attachement after the form is filled, has only the signature on the first page.

    I then tried to create each signature field (text field) in PDF document with a separate name (Signature, Signature2, Signature3, Signature4) and map each of these fields in the plugin. When I tried to submit the form my website takes very long and then returns 520.

    I then tried to map only 2 Signature fields (instead of 4) to see if it works this way, and I still get the same 520 error.

    Does the plugin work with only 1 signature on the document ? We really need to have the document signed on each page.

    Could you kindly please tell me what are the exact steps that I need to do in order to have this solved (client fills the form, drwas his signature once and we get the emailed PDF with his signature on each page) ?

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    For each signature, the plugin takes more time to process the merge which can cause the timeout error.

    For best results, it’s necessary to optimize the PDF and the Formidable Form Signature Field. Here are some additional ways to speed up the process and/or extend the timeout limit.
    – Compress the PDF form to the smallest possible file size. (Less than 100k if possible)
    – Create a uniquely named Text Field for each signature on the PDF and map each of them to one single Formidable Form Signature Field.
    – Decrease the Signature Field Multiplier (resolution) using this code.
    – Disable the PDF Attachment and add a shortcode link to the email body so the user can download the PDF on-demand rather than as an attachment.
    – Increase the following PHP settings;
    max_execution_time = 600
    max_input_time = 600
    max_input_vars = 4000
    memory_limit = 512M
    post_max_size = 256M
    session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440

    If you need additional assistance, provide the following with your reply.
    – Confirmation of the above suggestions, what was and was not done.
    – Copy of the PDF Form that is uploaded to the plugin

    We remain at your service.

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