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2 Problems with PRO2PDF

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    Hello, here is max.
    I found a 2nd problem. I did a video again – where both problems are obvious.

    I have now also specially created a test-pdf with the adobe acrobat.

    1st problem
    The first major problem is that no radio buttons or check boxes are being transferred to the PDF.

    2nd mistake
    After sending the e-mail, the pdf can also be downloaded. I did what you show in the video. it does not work. the pdf is always empty.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is there a mistake here. Please help. I urgently need the plugin.
    you can also log into my wordpress page

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    Regarding radio and checkbox fields. Each PDF field has a “Export Value” that you MUST enter the Formidable field’s “Option Value” data into.

    Your video shows the Formidable option value being used as the PDF Field Name. For Checkboxes that’s okay, but you must ALSO enter the same name into the PDF field’s “Export Value” field.

    See this demo which includes a downloadable sample.

    If still needed, complete this form to have us login and take a look so we can tell you exactly what is happening.

    We remain at your service.

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    the plugin is the hammer!!!

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