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    Anyone ever have an issue with fieldmaps fully functioning (edit fine too) but not displaying under PRO2PDF/export tab (meaning fieldmap is there but the line is absolutely blank in drop down menu… there is a named fieldmap line above and below so it’s obvious). If I only had one form to deal with it’d be easy enough to keep straight but I need to add 2 more forms. I could log which form to use with which blank fieldmap line (based on what “layout” is populated when different blank lines are chosen) but I’d rather understand what is causing this.

    Noticed behavior initially but assumed it was something I was doing due to learning curve. I finally gave up… reinstalled wordpress (no improvement)… deactivated/reactivated the PRO2PDF plugin (no improvement). I had dozens of database errors in log… probably one for every test. WordPress newbie… frankly I was confused where to find the databases but eventually looked in cpanel and found them… deleted a suspect file that kept cropping up in the error logs (wpro_fpropdf_layouts).

    >WordPress database error Unknown column ‘”1020″’ in ‘where clause’ for query SELECT w.*, f.form_key as form FROM wpro_fpropdf_layouts w, wpro_frm_forms f WHERE w.ID = ”1020″ AND = w.form made by require…..

    Uninstalled/reinstalled PRO2PDF plugin… began again. Everything worked as it should… however the blank fieldmap name happened again immediately. It functions fine, it edits fine, it just does not display… this time I let it be.

    I use Firefox ESR unless forced otherwise… wondered about that too since it’s partially non-functional on a wordpress site I sometimes connect to as a user. It’s not obvious it doesn’t fully work… just some functions don’t work (but do in chrome based browsers). Site manager said it was an issue with Firefox in general on their site, not specific to ESR that he knew of. The non-functioning portions are database related. Logged in via chrome based browser, same blank line presented in dropdown so it’s not just a display error.

    I’m not in a bind… no hurry… anything ring a bell as to cause… or possible correction?



    We have seen this happen when no data is entered into the “Name of Field Map (will be used as default filename):” field when the field map layout is created.

    To fix, select the blank named field map layout from the “Field Map to use:” dropdown field, then enter a name into the “Name of Field Map (will be used as default filename):” field and click the “Save Field Map” button at the bottom of the field map layout.

    If this does not solve the issue, send a screenshot of the field map layout with the blank field map selected in the “Field Map to use:” dropdown field to support AT formidablepro2pdf DOT com, or complete this form to have us take a look at your installation.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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