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    Stefan Smit

    I’m interested in buying, just want to make sure I choose the right plan. I see the 1 site / 10 forms cost $25,-. In the description it says: Up to 10 Forms* and Up to 10 Sites*. What does this mean, since I can’t find the * with an answer. Can I use it on 5 sites with each 2 forms for instance?

    Hope to hear from you. Thx


    Stefan Smit

    I’m still waiting on an answer for this question. Can you please answer it. Or is it easy to upgrade? I want to buy, but if you don’t provide the right information you make it difficult to choose the right plan. Please help out.




    I apologize for the delay, somehow this message fell through the cracks….

    Currently, the plans can be changed to 1 SITE 10 FORMS or 10 FORMS 1 SITE or any other combination. Please request the number of sites/forms on the order form.

    Upgrades can be accomplished on this page… http://www.formidablepro2pdf.com/upgrade/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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