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    Stefan Smit

    I’m interested in buying, just want to make sure I choose the right plan. I see the 1 site / 10 forms cost $25,-. In the description it says: Up to 10 Forms* and Up to 10 Sites*. What does this mean, since I can’t find the * with an answer. Can I use it on 5 sites with each 2 forms for instance?

    Hope to hear from you. Thx

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    Stefan Smit

    I’m still waiting on an answer for this question. Can you please answer it. Or is it easy to upgrade? I want to buy, but if you don’t provide the right information you make it difficult to choose the right plan. Please help out.


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    I apologize for the delay, somehow this message fell through the cracks….

    Currently, the plans can be changed to 1 SITE 10 FORMS or 10 FORMS 1 SITE or any other combination. Please request the number of sites/forms on the order form.

    Upgrades can be accomplished on this page…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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