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    Again, back to square one. I mentioned in my first post that I already set “max_execution_time = 600” and I confirmed with Godaddy, AND YET your plugin STILL times out after 120 seconds, which leads me to conclude that your plugin has an internal timeout and is therefore ignoring my server settings.

    File size is approx 3MB

    Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that I have timeout set to 600 secs, and yet I am getting this error from your plugin:

    “There was an error generating the PDF file.
    Your server wasn’t able to upload PDF file: Operation timed out after 120000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received”

    Again, my question is, if you don’t have an internal hard-coded timeout, then how can I set the max_execution_time so that this plugin actually uses this setting, rather than ignoring it (and defaulting to 120s.) Seems the plugin is totally ignoring my server settings, why? Why is it timing out after 120secs??

    (BTW, I did try E2PDF and purchased a license and installed it, but the field mapping got messed up and also I could not properly edit the PDF using the E2PDF plugin, so I disabled it because it wasn’t working very well.)


    You did not answer my question. My question is, why is it timing out at 120seconds, when I clearly have all the server settings to max.

    It seems that Pro2PDF is ignoring the server settings, and it times out after 120secs. Again, does your plugin have an internal timeout setting that is hardcoded to 120000 ms???? It does seem so. Please confirm.

    And yes, I’m merging a large file but usually it does work as long as it runs under 2 minutes, then sometimes it timesout after 2 minutes. It seems to me your plugin has a hard code timeout, regardless of the server settings. Is this correct??

    in reply to: Pro2PDF download form shortcode is not working #29919

    Please this is urgent, my site is not working, customers are not able to download their app. the shortcode is not working.

    [formidable-download form=”9uz44″ dataset=[id] layout=”1007″]

    Getting this error also: The secret key for this form is not valid.

    Can you please reply asap, need this resolved asap.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)