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    Brian S

    Have a problem. Just purchased this over the weekend to use.

    I use mirrored servers. The website is hosted on two servers – so it has two different IP addresses. This is for redundancy.

    The server I used to install and activate the plugin – no problem.

    But if I try to pull the website from the other server, it is a white screen. Website won’t load, admin panel won’t load.. nothing.

    The moment I deactivate the plugin, it starts to work. So I know it is something with this plugin.

    Why would this be occurring? Is there something with the activation that notes the IP address of the server and not just the domain name? Or the internal name of the server somehow?

    Brian S.

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    The activation key will only work for the number of purchased sites. We can move one or more of your form count to your site count, i.e. if you purchased a 1-SITE | 10-FORMS key we can change it to 2-SITE | 9-FORMS or you can add an additional sites or forms at $1 each using the upgrade form. Provide us with your order number to make a change to your account.

    We remain at your service.

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    Brian S

    OK, this is for just one site – http://www.vtdj.com.

    I would think that is within my licensing capabilities since it is simply mirrored between two servers. Database, files, everything is 100% the same except the actual server name and IP address.

    Don’t see why I would need to pay for a license upgrade when it is the same site and I’m only using one form.

    I’ve had to shut off the DNS resolution for the domain name on that server to keep people from seeing a white screen.

    Either way, that seems to be kind of crappy that your plugin is designed to take someone’s website down like that.

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    The unexpected functionality you are experiencing is not something we’ve seen with any other installation and we did not ‘design’ our plugin to take a site down for any reason, that indeed would be crappy! Instead, you are the first user to find the bug, which is also crappy!

    Complete this form if you would like us to take a look at your installation and make any changes necessary to the plugin for your installation to operate correctly.

    We remain at your service.

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    Brian S

    Filled out the form as requested. Let me know what can be done to correct the issue.

    I’ve still got it set so the site is only being pulled from the working server so visitors don’t see a white screen.

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    Brian S

    Almost two weeks and no help? I understand that I only paid $15 for the plugin, but this is certainly a bug/problem that should be remedied. Have not had trouble with any other plugin (not even Formidable) where it effectively shuts down my site like this.

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