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Variables and If Statements

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    Lucas Toccheton Pinsdorf


    FormidablePro2PDF has the functionality to make complex PDF documents?

    In my FormidablePro forms, I have a lot of fields that only appear if some condition is found (like IF field_1 then show field_2).

    FormidablePro2PDF can understand this IF statements and only build a section in my text if certain conditions are met?



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    Lucas Toccheton Pinsdorf

    One thing that I forgot to mention was that in the PDF Template I would have all the possibilities of paragraphs. This add-on can recognize that a field in the original form wasn’t selected and automatically not show the paragraph in the PDF version?

    Summing it up, this would only display a part of the paragraphs that are in the PDF template.

    Best regards,


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    Lucas Toccheton Pinsdorf

    I did not understand how the software fills the pdf, if I put a variable field in a text, will it adjust to the new value of the variable?

    I have my templates ready in word documents, I would like to generate pdfs with the changed values, it is a legal document that must be filled depending on the users’ choices.

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    PRO2PDF DOES NOT create complex PDF documents or recongnize Formidable’s conditional (if) statements, the plugin simply fills pre-existing PDF fields based on user-defined field map layouts.

    However, we simulate complex PDFs by using hidden Formidable fields, stacked PDF fields, redirected forms, and/or multiple field map layouts.

    Let us know if you would like specific suggestions on producing desired PDF results.

    We remain at your service.

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