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    Colin Warner

    I need some urgent help to get things working. I have a form where after submit I just want a pdf emailed.

    After clicking submit i get a page whgich only has “Formidable PRO2PDF” on it and a download button – the donwload button does not even work – I do not want to go to this page with a download button – why is this happening, how do i turn it off?



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    If you enable “Attach PDF to Email notifications” option, and create an e-mail notification, then you will receive PDF files to your mailbox. You won’t need to insert download shortcode to On-Submit message text boxes or into the email message. It just works.

    But first, let’s make sure the pdf shortcut is setup correctly by making it work in the OnSubmit…

    Can you provide temporary admin access to your server? support(at)
    If not, please send a screenshot of the plugin screen with the layout and dataset selected.

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    Colin Warner

    just sent login details to support@

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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