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    Hi, I’m going to be blunt. Your renewal process is lousy. I just got a bitter email from a client because our license for Formidable PRO2PDF has expired. The plugin no longer works.

    Did you email me about it expiring? No

    Do you offer auto-renewals? Not that I can find.

    Do other subscription-based plugins, including Formidable, email in advance? Yes.

    Do other subscription-based plugins, including Formidable, continue to work after the license has expired. Yes.

    What infuriates me the most is that I just went through a manual renewal on your website, paid via PayPal, received a receipt from PayPal, and then your site returned a blank screen. The plugin still doesn’t work AND still shows an expiration date of 03/12/2021.

    This is absolutely unacceptable. The license issue needs to be resolved immediately. After that, you really need to seriously consider how renewals work on your site.

    Thank you.

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    Did this seriously open a thread in a public forum? This is premium support you get with a “key code.” Outraged.

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    You have our sincere apologies. We are investigating the renewal issue that you experienced and have manually updated your account and added an additional year to your service for the inconvenience. We’ll update you again as we determine the cause of the issue.

    To be clear, yes, 3 renewal reminder emails are sent to the email address on file. Based on your complaint we will implement an automatic subscription renewal option to avoid missed reminders and service issues.

    Our forum has always been public, feel free to use this form to contact support privately.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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