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“There has been a critical error on this website.”

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    I am getting this error when trying to preview my PDF after finishing my field mapping..

    Another weird thing is that it almost stops all emails in formidable to be sent out..

    What possibly might be wrong here?

    Im on WP – 5.9 and Formidable Pro – 5.2.01

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    I can confirm that all formidable dynamic fields for Formidable Pro 2 PDF are broken and not working at all. When trying to export an example PDF i get a site error.. (The image posted above..)

    Can i get someone to confirm this issue??

    Otherwise this plugin is useless for my PDF forms..

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    Looks like this plugin is broken. I get a Fatal error too.

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function shell_exec() in /formidablepro-2-pdf/fpropdf.php:149 Stack trace: #0 /include_once() #1 /home/mybuddyg/ plugin_sandbox_scrape(‘formidablepro-2…’) #2 {main} thrown in /formidablepro-2-pdf/fpropdf.php on line 149

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    For those having similar issues to mine, It looks like they pushed out an update to address the issues regarding “Number” formatting for PHP8 (FP2P 3.06) and I can confirm that does seem to address our issue entirely.

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    Just updating my current progress to finding the fix… It was producing a PDF and attaching it to the emails. But now its back to failing to send any kind of email at all. The user that completes the form stated that it just stated a critical error on the website like what i have been dealing with in the past with this plugin…

    As i continue to investigate my error logs via my cPanel, I am seeing consistent PHP errors in the log.

    [19-Apr-2022 20:22:58 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined variable $dataKey in /home2/…/…/…/wp-content/plugins/formidablepro-2-pdf/format.php on line 868
    [19-Apr-2022 20:22:58 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined array key 2 in /home2/…/…/…/plugins/formidablepro-2-pdf/class.php on line 187

    These errors relate clearly to main PHP functions that relate to the formating and the classes per the form and PDF creation.

    Now to make sure that i’m not just going completely crazy i setup a new “Email” function in Formidable just pushing out a test to my email and another colleague of mine who also is investigating this issue and we noticed that the email will send with the PDF attachment on that test run but running it with the actual email function, it will not send at all…Therefore ruling out Formidable as a whole to this problem.

    It seems that the PHP functions that are in place are not consistent with one another, and it cant read specific values..

    Can I please get confirmation as to if there is something i need to do on my end or would this be an update to fix said problem?

    I have had this problem for 2 months now with no fix…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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