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    Catherine Gimple

    Ok, this is absolutely ridiculous. We have searched the account pages online here and searched through every field, page and section on wordpress. We paid for a license but there is nowhere to put in a license code. We have uninstalled three times and reinstalled three times. We have deactivated the site, uninstalled and then reinstalled and not once, anywhere are we asked for our license code. This is beyond ridiculous that there is absolutely no help ticket nor documentation available for us to see where we put the code in. There are no prompts either. Please help before we file for a refund.

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    Here’s an image of the tab, the plugin is over 5 years old with 1000’s of users but this being the first question about where to enter the key… maybe your installation is missing the 2nd tab called “Activated Forms”?

    Activated Forms Tab

    You may enter a login support request here if needed.

    We remain at your serivce.

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    @Catherine Gimple, The details on exactly what you need are included in the first 36 seconds of the Video posted on the site’s home page when you go to Plugin Demo –> Video: Installation of Live Demo. I believe the guys that developed and support this product are a small team. Considering that, their documentation and support in my experience has been fantastic. The product is easy to use, including activating the product.

    To the FormidablePRO2PDF Support team, my apologies on behalf of the human race for you needing to deal with this kind of thing. You’ve been fantastic and I love your product.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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