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    the pdf-file should contain a repeatable field and some other text afterwards.
    Depending on the user’s form input, the repeatable field might contain only one or up to 30 lines.

    As I understood, every line has to have a placeholder in the pdf-template which occupies space in the pdf-file.

    If, for example, the user inputs only one line in a repeatable field, I want the following text in the pdf-file to appear directly under the entry (in the pdf-file) and not after 29 blank lines…
    Would that be possible?
    Best wishes and thank you

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    You have the limited option of using the Formidable:Dynamic option found at the bottom of the Webform Data Field ID on the field map layout. When selected, you have the option of entering field, view, and all other Formidable shortcodes as well as ASCII characters (text, spaces, line feeds). However, there is NO HTML functionality.

    Then, map the Formidable:Dynamic to a PDF text field set to “Multi-Line”.

    NOTE: We are working on a more dynamic option for the replacement plugin, E2Pdf, however we are in final beta and the dynamic functionality is not scheduled to be completed for the release. Stay tuned!

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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