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Repeatable field issue

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    Scott Wessel


    I’m having an issue regarding Repeatable field for “opm3o” form.
    It worked for a single row but when a user submits more than one row for a grid table it doesn’t map properly kindly provide a solution asap


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    Here’s more detailed instructions…

    If you have FieldA, FieldB, and FieldC in a repeating section, then in your PDF Form;
    . Name the 1st row FieldA1, FieldB1, FieldC1
    . Name the 2nd row FieldA2, FieldB2, FieldC2
    . Name the 3rd row FieldA3, FieldB3, FieldC3
    . Name the 4th row FieldA4, FieldB4, FieldC4
    . and so on… add as many as you need.

    Then, in the Field Map Layout;
    . Use the “Repeatable (separate fields)” format to map each of the fields in the first row of PDF fields FieldA1, FieldB1 & FieldC1 (DO NOT MAP TO FIELDS 2,3,4, etc….)
    . In the “Repeatable (separate fields)” text box, enter the Formidable field ID [xxx] that corresponds with the PDF Field like the instructions explain in the Repeatable Section instructions.

    — Here’s a link to a merge using “Repeatable (separate fields)”:
    (Save this PDF Form to your computer to view the PDF field names)
    — Here’s the image of the field map layout screen from above:

    If you need additional support, complete this form to have us login, or use the form to upload the PRO2PDF template, or use the form to upload the PDF form and a screenshot of the field map layout showing the repeatable field mappings.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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