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    I know this is possible as I’ve done it one form, but now have another form with same setup yet it just doesn’t want to work!

    Formidable Form field has 3 radio buttons “Mr”, “Mrs”, “Ms” with field ID 2685
    PD Form has 3 check boxes “Check box 1” for Mr, “Check box 2” for Mrs & “Check box 3” for Ms

    I have mapped 2685 to check box 1 / check box 2 / check box 3 with no formatting.

    Is that correct?

    Please help.

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    Your mapping appears to be working except the Ms PDF checkbox has “Yes” as the export value, which will not work. Mr and Mrs are both confirmed to be working as expected.

    We remain at your service.

    Incorrect Export Value

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    However, it should be mentioned that the field Mr, Mrs, Ms is actual a single choice and should be a Radio Button not checkboxes… For the PDF, all three fields should have the same field name, and only need to be mapped once. Unlike checkboxes, which must each named differently and be mapped separately.

    Additionally, we would change the PDF Radio Button and Checkbox field names to be descriptive and easy to find. In the case of 2685, we would name all three fields “Client1Radio”.

    We remain at your service.

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    TIP: To find a field in the field map layout’s dropdown lists on large forms, you can type (quickly) the fieldname rather than scrolling the entire list. Be sure to include spaces if they exist in the fieldname.

    Just thought it might be helpful while we remain at your service.

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