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    Hi team,

    I paid for your customizer gig on 21st Aug and emailed the docs but have not received a reply.

    It’s pretty urgent at this stage.

    Copy of email below. Please advise if the form and fields can be ready today?



    I purchased it today and paid $35 . Paypal email is and transaction id is 3AD673889A1835539

    Attached is the formidable XML. I have previously tried creating the pdf and mapping the fields myself but couldn’t get it to work correctly. In case you are able to “re-use” the field map and/or refer to it to know which field in the form should match to the PDF field, I’ve attached the backup JSON file as well.

    I also included a screenshot of the issue I faced when I tried to do this myself. However, as I’m sure your PDF-to-PDF-form conversion will be better, I will leave it to you.


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    Our apologies, however, your email was not received. Please resend to support AT formidablepro2pdf DOT com and we’ll immediately work on the field map layout.

    We remain at your service.

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