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    I took a form and added a checkbox (another option) to a list of options on the form. I then added that checkbox to the PDF. For some reason that checkbox does not show as being checked on the PDF once I submit the form. I have the value on the form in the Export Value in the properties on the PDF. I don’t know why it is not working. Any ideas?

    I also created another form and used the PDF from the above form and saved it as a different name for use with the new form. I changed the values of the checkboxes on the form and put those values in the Export Value of each corresponding checkbox in the PDF. None of these checkboxes work. Any ideas?

    If needed I can provide the URL as well as the PDFs for you to check them out.

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    Providing the URL & PDF would be the fastest way to find the issue and and relay the fix. Use this form to provide the information. Credentials are not required.

    We remain at your service.

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    All issues are being caused by incorrect PDF Export Values

    To fix: Open the Formidable Form and the PDF side by side and copy paste values from the Formidable Form to the PDF Form.

    Live Webinars” export value is currently “Demonstrations pertaining to nitrogen use or management

    Educational reading material” export value is currently “College level instruction
    Recorded seminar or presentation” export value is currently “Professional or technical seminars

    That’s all we checked…

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    Thank you. It was my fault. I had been altering and uploading the wrong file. Thank you for your help and pointing out these problems. Works very well now.

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