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    Warren Dee

    Hello I like the form and its features, I am just confused with the pricing. Does this mean, that after I made a form for my client, he is going to pay yearly for the form I made that hes going to use?I have only one form an apllication form with 4-5 pages when printed as pdf, how much will I pay then?thank you so much

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    “Forms” are created using Formidable Forms, which offers both a free version and premium version.

    This plugin is an add-on to Formidable Forms which merges form data to pre-made PDF forms. The free version allows one Formidable form to merge data to any number of PDF forms. While the premium version allows additional Formidable Forms to merge data to PDF Forms and offers additional features, such as attach merged PDF’s to email actions, signatures, repeating sections, embedded forms, and more.

    The premium version of this plugin does have an annual cost, however, we are able to offer extended years (up to 5).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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