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    Hi. I had a few questions based on the following use case.

    1. User enters a Formidable Form (which is mapped to multiple PDFs)
    2. User is displayed a preview page with an edit link
    3. Clicking on Edit link allows user to return to Step 1
    4. User clicks continue/generate PDF in Step 2 i.e. does not need to edit info.
    5. Download PDF link is generated

    My questions are:
    1. Is step 2 possible i.e. display a preview page (not pre-filled PDFs) showing everything the user has entered, as a means to verify the information
    2. Is step 3 possible
    3. On Step 4, is it possible to white label download PDF. I don’t want to display a link or logo for the plugin
    4. Once the PDF is generated, is it possible to no longer allow the user to edit the original Formidable form.?

    Thanks in advance for this.

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    In short, yes is the answer to all the questions above.

    To elaborate…
    1. Step Two may be accomplished using a Formidable View (

    2. Step Three is achieved by using a Formidable Shortcode in the above view (

    3. Step 4 is built-in, by default, using the (title=”YourTitleHere”) and (class=”Your_CSS_Class”) parameters along with the (download=”auto”) parameter, and you may also use the new (label=0) parameter which outputs only the PDF’s URL.

    4. Yes, you should use the “Allow front-end editing of entries” found in the Formidable Form Settings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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