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PDF Inconsistently Attaching to Email

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    Hello, we have a site currently experiencing issues with the pdf attachment sent via email.

    When we originally set the site and forms up, all form emails got the pdf successfully. Now we’re having the issue of the pdf not attaching consistently, if at all. We’re currently troubleshooting one form out of a few.

    We’ve looked through similar forum posts and to be sure:

    -While there are around 4-6 forms mapped, only one pdf is mapped to the form currently in question.
    -The email attachment option is set to yes, and all three related email addresses are checked.
    -We have smtp set up
    -It was working before at some point but has been spotty for about a month or so
    -We are on the latest version of the plugin

    We considered it was the client’s email, but as of the latest attempt to troubleshoot, in which we created a new form notification and added it to the pdf mapping, the one email we were successful in receiving the pdf in no longer gets the email at all.

    Any insight into this sort of problem?

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    We are not aware of any installations with the described issue. There may be a timeout issue, or if no email is being received, there could also be an SMTP plugin issue.

    To troubleshoot
    – Create a Field Map Layout, only map a couple of fields, and only add one email notification.
    – Disable the SMTP plugin and test using the native WP email functionality.
    – Test and let us know the results.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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