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PDF Form Not Downloading

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    We’re having an issue with formidablepro2pdf where after submitting a form and clicking on the download link the PDF does not download. Instead a page comes up that says “Formidable PRO2PDF” in large font at the top, nothing more. We purchased the $15 plan figuring this would allow us to bypass the need for pdftk on our server. We are currently using the free version of Formidable. Have followed along with the tutorial video but can’t seem to figure out what we are missing to get things working correctly.

    The shortcode we are using for the download link is:
    [formidable-download form=”1mmrl3″ dataset=[id] layout=”18″]

    Any tips would be much appreciated, thank you!

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    Your shortcut looks like it is formatted okay. Are you able to Export from the Form Layout Designer (main plugin page) where form=”1mmrl3″ AND layout=”18″?

    If yes, please double check your shortcodes quote marks, if you cut/pasted here, the right side quote are not standard quote marks.

    If no, please double check your PDF field name, it should only consist of letters, numbers and dashes. (no special characters)

    If all the above is okay too, we may need to check under the hood. If possible, please email temporary login info to support (at) formidablepro2pdf DOT com and we’ll have a look-see and then fix or advise otherwise.

    We await your reply and remain at your service.
    Formidable PRO2PDF

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    Also – we released a major update today, please be sure to update your plugin to the latest version .

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    Thank you for the quick response.

    All shortcodes we have been trying are direct copy/pastes from within the plugin.

    In trying to pinpoint the issue I created a very basic form with two simple text input fields and uploaded it through the plugin, however we still get the same result. The filename of the pdf is simple with no special characters, and the form fields are also simple with no special characters, they are “First” and “Last”.

    We are not able to export the PDF from the Layout Designer either. When we try the same thing happens, a page opens that says “Formidable PRO2PDF” with nothing else. The URL for the page looks like this: wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpfx_generate&form=m9u09t&dataset=29&layout=32

    I have made sure the formidable form we are using has at least one data entry before creating the FPRO2PDF field map.

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide a temporary login as the site we are testing on is in a development environment. We are running the latest version of FPRO2PDF, Version 1.7.19. Happy to provide anything else however with the hopes of pinpointing the issue.

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    If possible, send us a screenshot of the entire Field Map Designer screen with the Formidable Form, a Dataset and the Layout selected to support (at) formidablepro2pdf DOT com? Be sure to include at least one row of the field map area of the plugin screen.

    Also, let us know if you see the uploaded pdf file(s) in the upload folder… /public_html/wp-content/uploads/fpropdf-forms

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    Also, confirm if your server is on an intranet or the internet.

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    Through email we discovered the issue is caused by your server being behind a firewall and only accessible through VPN.

    As PDFs are created using our web service. In order to create the PDFs on your own server, you would need to install PDFtk. Or you’ll need to punch a hole in the firewall for the plugin to access our server’s web service.

    We remain at you service.

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