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    what we do: We realized a contact form (formidable) with special questions for the health sector. The submitted form will not send by mail, but it´s listed in the entrys. The employees gets an e-mail, that a new form is in the entrys (of formidable). For the employees we have costumized the wordpress panel, so the can only see the dashboard and formidable entrys (with AG Custom Admin + User Role Editor). The only thing that is still missing is a generated PDF of the entrys – is there any way to do this? The employees should go to the entrys and download the submitted form (as PDF) together with the uploaded files as .zip file.

    We don´t want to send the PDF by mail – is there a solution with your plugin?

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    Our plugin includes a shortcode that may be used to generate a PDF of the user’s entry, however, you must first create a fillable PDF form and map the PDF to Formidable with the plugin’s ‘field map layout’.

    We can offer hands-on assistance through our gigs, or remain at your service for support questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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