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    Jason Oswald

    I am trying to login for support, but my username and password are not working.

    My purhcase shows my username is JASON3, but it does not allow me to log in and when I request a password reset, I don’t receive an email reset.

    This could be under jason@***.com or jason@***.com

    Also, how can I put the user/registered user’s name into the pdf document that is emailed? What shortcode/code would I use – like in your sample pdf that you email?

    Please help.

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    We sent login credentials to the address on the account.

    Regarding the user name question, add a Formidable User_ID to the web form and a hidden field with a default value of [login] or [first_name] or any other Formidable Default Value shortcode and map the fields to PDF fields.

    We remain at your service.

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    I am specifically looking on how to include the user First and Last name into the pdf name that is emailed or is downloaded.

    The user first and last name are in the form and is already mapped to the pdf document. I have everythign mapped out and working perfectly other than the including the first and last name in the pdf file name that is emailed or downloaded.

    Can you please give a full example of how to label this name field – this is a little confusing.

    Under PDF filename in email, I have the following:

    Skeleton Bankruptcy Documents_filename=[11_13]

    Field 11 and 13 are the first and last name.

    What is the correct format for this to work? Do I have to put everything in brackets?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I set up the User ID with the Default Value, now I need to know what code to use in the email attachment and for download.

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    I just sent you an image via email.

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    We have answered your support request on this thread and by email. Please reply to support AT formidablepro2pdf DOT com for further assistance.

    We remian at your service.

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    In addition, my pdf that will be merged will not have an area for the User ID – it has a field for First Name and Last name, will this matter?

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