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    Brian Cafferty

    I cannot find the parameters for the shortcode other then the mandatory options. We would like to change the name of the document. Also, is there any way we can change the location of where the pdf is automatically downloaded? We would like to have it go to our hosted server instead of the local user device. Also, if we want to email it, i do not see the parameter for the shortcode to specify the email. You show a dynamic example but no where do you show the end changes that are made to the shortcode.


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    Regarding Pro Parameters: Pro version shortcode parameters are located here. You must be logged in to view all of the parameters.

    Regarding PDF Downloads: The “pdf” can always be recreated on your WP server with a shortcode as long as the form, data entry, and field map layout all exist. If you need to automatically store each PDF file on your server, we do have a $10 “Save-to-File” add-on plugin that will save each PDF that is generated to a pre-designated folder on the WP server. The code may be further customized to provide additional functionality with each PDF. If needed, please complete this form and we’ll send the add-on to you.

    Regarding Emails: The shortcode does not have an email attachment parameter, rather, the option to attach PDFs to emails is selected in each Field Map Layout. If the “Email Notification” is checked, the merged PDF will be attached to every email that is sent. The “dynamic example” uses the conditional logic built into Formidable’s email actions to send the email, or not. As an example, you could create two identical email notifications but only check one of them in the Field Map Layout, then use Formidable’s conditional logic to choose which email notification to send, with or without attachment…

    Hope that answers your questions, let us know if you need more help or clarification on any of the above.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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