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    I have one form but would like that form to generate 2 individual PDF documents – using different fields (for the most part) from the form. I would like to have both PDF documents attached to the email that is generated and sent once the form is sent/updated. Basically, the form is used for an approval process. The process requires two separate forms. Currently, the email will not be sent when the user submits the form, but when the admin goes in and “updates” the form to mark it approved or disapproved accomplishing this by setting the fields as “read-only” for the user, but the form is published again where only admin has access and all “read-only” fields are editable). At that time I want it to populate the information into both PDF forms and attach them to the email. Would I use the “2nd Dataset” option to accomplish this? Trying to find out if this is possible and an easy way to make this work.

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    I am still trying to get this to work. I am now having multiple issues. I have created both PDF maps using the form data.<br><br>

    The first form is generating OK and attaching to email. So far so good on the first one. The second form seems to generate from the back-end with an export, but it is not attaching to the email (even though the option is selected).<br><br>

    Also, I copied and pasted the download link for BOTH forms and placed it in my on “update” message. NEITHER link is working. They are appearing as text, not a link. <br><br>

    Please help. I am trying to have this form functioning before Monday and so far am getting stuck on why (a) the links aren’t working and (b) I can’t attach both forms. I verified that I do have the latest version installed, according to the plug-in depository.

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