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One field will not map

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    Hi All,
    I have a form with many fields and for some reason “Agency Name” will not fill with the Agency Name. I can change it to map to some other field (such as address) and it will fill with that data, but when I change it back to agency name, it won’t fill.

    I just updated so I have the latest of everything. I also have Formidable Register User (being used with this form) and Formidable Paypal (not being used on this form.)

    The form also creates a post for which the “Agency Name” is the title of the post.

    I have checked the field number to make sure I have chosen the right filed in the map. I have checked my form and form name to make sure it is also the right field. I have deleted that field and re-added and I have duplicated the form and edited the duplicate. I have also started one from scratch with just Agency Name and have the same results.

    I’m at a loss!

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    Thanks! This is an interesting one… Have you tried disabling the Create a Post function to see it that is the cause? I’m not sure we’ve ever tested that particular function with a merge.

    If disabling fixes the issue, a quick work-around would be to add a hidden field and a bit of javascript from Formidable’s site to copy the contents of the “Agency Name” field to the hidden field, and then map your PDF to the hidden field.

    Alternatively, complete this form to have us login and test the issue.

    We remain at your service.

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    That did it…it’s returning a number instead of a string, but that is probably in my javascript somewhere.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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