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Numbers not transferring to Repeatable (separate fields) properly

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    Serena Read

    I have started mapping the fields from my form to the PDF. I am having a problem with mapping the number fields to the PDF. The text is mapping to multiple rows fine but the numbers convert as a weird code. (see image link below).
    I have followed the instructions on here for mapping the Repeatable (separate fields) and searched the Forum for answers. Since the text is working I assume I did it correctly.

    This was a similar issue but was not resolved publically:

    Please help me understand where this is going wrong. Thank you kindly.

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    Number fields in a repeatable section has been tested on our server and is functioning as expected. If possible, provide a link to the form and let us know which ‘number’ field(s) is/are being merged, or send a PRO2PDF template export to support AT formidablepro2pdf DOT com for support specific to your issue.

    If the above is not possible then please let us know the number field ID and provide a screenshot of the Formidable Form with number field, and the field map layout where it is mapped.

    We remain at your service.

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    Serena Read

    The form is at

    The fields in question include: Pg 4 the ASSETS fields. For example the Cash/Savings Repeatable [278] with the data lines [281}, [280] and [282]

    All the other fields seem to have the same problem when trying to use the Repeatable (separate fields). It shows weird codes instead of the actual numbers. Here is a link to the print out:

    Here is my mapping:

    Thank you for your assistance, I must be doing something wrong.

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    Serena Read

    Thank you for looking at my problem. I think I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.

    I didn’t have the PDF form fields numbered exactly as needed. I went and numbered each like the example, variable1, variable2, variable3, etc and it is working now.

    If anyone has the same issue with a:1:{i0;i:86;} or any variation of that code, double check you have 1 text field for each list item, and make sure they are all the exact same name and end in a number so it can understand where to put the repeating items.

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