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    I am working with your free version currently to make sure that it will be compatible with what we need. Then we completely plan to upgrade to a paid package. That said, I need to get the signature field working with the graphic signature.

    Another poster asked the same question:

    The final reply on that thread was that it was added to the new release The only version that I seem to be able to access (either through the WP repository or through direct download from your site is

    How do I go about getting the most recent version so I can test this change before upgrading to a paid plan? Can I only get the release with a paid plan? Any insight would be appreciated. We are really excited about using your plug in for multiple forms on our site as our users have had a terrible time with filling out and uploading PDFs. We are hoping that creating the PDF for them will solve our issue. Thanks!

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    Functionality and support for the Formidable Pro Signature add-on is available in the PRO version of our plugin. You can test drive the PRO version for $2, which is applied to your upgrade. Click here for the PRO version of Formidable PRO2PDF.

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    Hi Sam,Mom Lasita here. You know how un-techie I am (don’t even know how to spell it!), but I’d love to attach this green email cenmomt to my emails at work. What is the easiest way to do this?You are the best! Mom Lasita

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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