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my unlimited, never expiring license… expired?

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    Hi, the above is my license, please fix/change, etc so I don’t get this error when creating a PDF

    There was an error generating the PDF file.
    This activation code is not valid.


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    You have our sincere apologies for any misunderstanding, however, your subscription of UNLIMITED FORMS | UNLIMITED SITES expired on November 2nd. We do not show an upgrade payment for the maximum 5-Year subscription plan that we do offer, as we do not offer a “never expiring license”.

    As a professional courtesy, we have extended the expiration date through tomorrow while the activation issue is resolved. If we are incorrect about an upgrade to extend the subscription beyond a year, please forward any payment receipts or confirmation emails to support AT formidablepro2pdf DOT com.

    Your current subscription may be renewed by logging into the plugin’s account here. Or, you may purchase a new activation key to change the subscription plan to one with less forms or sites.

    We remain at your assistance.

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    Order #10958 was placed on November 1, 2016.

    Expires: Never

    I’m confused about how or why it’s expired now?

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    We have never offered a license that does not expire. Additionally, we researched all communications regarding your order and the word “Never” does not exist anywhere in emails or on our site.

    However, we did find where you purchased the key in Nov-2016 and renewed in Nov-2017 with Paypal Transaction ID: 28S63792PH423021X, and we found that the text Expires: Never does exist on the Formidable Forms site for their keys. You may have mistaken our site for theirs when you saw the activation key text.

    Again, you have our sincere apologies for any misunderstanding regarding your subscription.

    We remain at your service.

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    I sent an image to your FB group messenger, taken directly from the my account > order page on your site and the words are exactly this:

    Expires Never

    I sent you the screen shot.
    or you can view my order page on your website.

    I’m guessing this changed occurred AFTER I bought it?


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