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    I am interested in the plugin and wondering if it would meet my requirements, could you advise if the below is possible through submission of one form.

    This would be used to generate multiple certificates and then email them out to students following a training course.

    So we would have a form which contains around 15 rows, each row would have a students email address and name. The name would fill a section on a pre-made PDF certificate and then send the completed certificate to the corresponding email address.

    I hope this purpose is clear.


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    Yes, absolutely… with this plugin you may attach a merged PDF to one or multiple form email actions, and Formidable’s email actions can be set to conditionally send based on form data.

    You could have one email sent for each of the 15 rows, each with unique data merged into an attached PDF.

    Exactly what you described. Let us know if you need help setting this up, we remain at your service.

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    Thinking this through, you’ll need to create an email action and a field map layout for each row.

    1. For each email action – Set up the “TO:” email address and students data in the body to match one row of data.
    2. For each field map layout – Select a corresponding email action.

    When you’re done, you’ll have a form with 15 rows, 15 email actions and 15 field map layouts that will all trigger when you hit submit.

    It will be glorious!

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    After you create one field map layout, you can just DUPLICATE it by clicking the duplicate button at the bottom of the layout. Then, change the field mappings and email action to match the next row of data.

    Again, this will be a glorious use of the plugin!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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