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    Galen Bond

    Hello, I have a view within FormidablePro which displays multiple entries from FORM B if they relate to an entry from FORM A. (A being categories, B being products).. it displays a table layout of all products what have the category selected. Of course a category could have 4 products created ,or 40 products. Is it possible to generate a PDF which will display the category and then a list of all the products within? Each product would have multiple attributes that would need to be listed next to it, which is why we use a table in the FF view. Not sure I have wrapped my head around how to pull this off. I used the Dynamic option in the mapping and put the view shortcode in, but it renders out the HTML as text, so my table is just text, not an actually table 🙂 Is this a feature of e2pdf rather than formidable2pdf? Critical that I can pull data from two (or more!) forms datasets. I hope this makes sense. Happy to clarify as needed,

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    Yes, rendering a basic HTML table is a feature of E2Pdf that is not available in PRO2PDF.

    The free version of E2Pdf in the WordPress repository may be installed along with PRO2PDF without conflict and is limited only to a single 1-Page template, all functionality is enabled.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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