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    I’m hoping for a way to make field mapping a bit easier/faster when it comes to really long forms. In my scenario, I’ve got over 300 fields to map. The mapping process would be much faster if any of these could be implemented:

    1) automate mapping by way of utilizing the formidable forms field key – Either by changing the field key to map the equivalent field’s name on the acrobat form, or changing the field on the acrobat form to match the field key, then maybe formidablePro2PDF could be updated to create a field map on it’s own by marrying up the field names that match

    2) When creating a new field map, that the field map already ‘loads’ the formidable fields into the field map layout, instead of the user having to create a new row and select each field from dropdown. They would still need to select the field for the acrobat, but would gain lots of time here.


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    We LOVE the suggestions (*facepalm* – that we should have thought of)… keep’em coming, we are working on this now!

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    Automatic layout creation is now a reality! Thank you for your outstanding suggestion! Simply update to the newest version to use the feature.

    We remain at your service.

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    WOW! You guys are so incredible. Not sure if this was something you were already working on…but can’t even believe this became available the day after I posted this. I am in absolute awe.

    Keep up the good work guys!!

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    Honestly, the thought did not cross out minds… we’ve been working on custom requests, ready-made templates, and the all-new inline text pdf forms.

    We really appreciate your suggestions, thank you.

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