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Map several fields to the same field of the pdf

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    I have several conditionals dropdown for different cities that depend to the state. So, only one city is filled but I need map this city with the field in pdf form, I mapped all dropdown cities with the same field in pdf but this is always null except for the last dropdown of course. So I don’t know how to map this field.

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    There is a way to correctly map the fields, however, we would need to see the web form and PDF form to be clear on our instructions to you.

    Complete this form with login credentials if possible, or upload a PRO2PDF template export, or upload the PDF form and provide a link to the web form for further review.

    We remain at your service.

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    In the formidable form I have a dropdown with Province with values:
    Also I have three dropdown for Cities, one per values in Province dropdown and with the conditional values “Show if”, for example:
    Province value equal to A (Dropdown Cities for Province A) = D E F
    Province value equal to B (Dropdown Cities for Province B) = G H I
    Province value equal to C (Dropdown Cities for Province C) = J K L

    The pdf form has two fields one for Province and other for City. So, I need to map the selected Province with correspondent selected City.

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    There are two ways to accomplish the above;
    1) Add two more fields to the PDF form on top of the existing field with all three fields set to transparent background, then map A to one, B to another, and C to the third. Resulting in only one of the PDF fields containing data, the other two will be blank.

    2) From the field map layout, map the one PDF field to the “Formidable:Dynamic” choice listed in the “Webform Data Field ID” dropdown. Then add something like this to the text box if field ID’s for Province A = [111], Province B = [222], Province C = [333]


    *NOTE: “Formidable:Dynamic” also accepts Formidable View Shortcodes and Formidable conditional logic like: [if x equals=”something”] [/if x]

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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