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    Jordan Cameron

    Hi there,

    when trying to download a PDF with my current shortcode (was working for months and i’m a paid user) I am now getting the following message,

    This webpage is not available

    Upon further inspection, when i go to

    Select the form to export data from: and choose “application”

    The “Select the dataset to export:” field goes into “loading datasets” and won’t change.

    It only seems to be happening for that particular formidable form, and I can;t work out why, do you have any ideas?


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    Did you select the new “Secure Links” feature to be active? If so, the links are not backward compatible, meaning old links will not work, but the shortcodes themselves did not change.

    If the secure links feature is not the issue, we may need to take a look. As your comment “Select the form to export data from: and choose “application” may mean you have an error in your database. Try changing the “Use as Dataset Name?” field in the Field Map Layout to a different field and resave. If it works, there is a issue with data in the “Use as Dataset Name?” field.

    Please complete this form if you want us to log into your server.

    If login support is not possible, please paste the shortcode, resulting link and the final destination URL for further evaluation.

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    After testing yesterday and today, all worked as expected. We were unable to reproduce the issue. Please clear your browser’s history/cache and if you are still experiencing the issue please try another browser and let us know if it works while we remain at your service.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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