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    I wish to use this plugin (with FormidablePro). I did a test and it works to our requirement. But the organization has a couple of queries before we can use it

    1. Is the PDF generated on our server and is there any data that is sent to formidablepro2pdf server for PDF generation
    2. Is any form submission/form data stored by formidablepro2pdf
    3. If we buy a license now and dont renew say after 2-3 years, will the plugin continue to function or the day the license ends, PDF generation also ends? Is there any rate guarantee provided that existing users will continue to get the price we buy the subscription now?
    4. Auto font does not seem to work in the free version? I have set Font = AUTO in the PDF field. But yet the text displayed is small and does not fit the font field. Will that work fine on the paid version?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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