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    Cale Maddy

    I am an attorney trying to create a website which allows users to enter information and receive a legal form from the fields. I am using MAMP to practice locally without going online and am using WordPress. I have purchased Formidable Forms Pro version (basic) and also have purchased Formidable Pro2PDF. Please send me a link to where I can purchase either a handbook or view a video on operating your products. Everything that I have found online is incredibly non-user friendly. Words cannot adequately express the level of frustration that I have thusfar. Please assist so that I may avoid a general feeling that I’ve pissed away more than 15 hours of time an close to $100 in purchases. Thanks.

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    We sincerely apologize for the frustration our plugin is causing you! Our primary goal is to be at your service. To that end, our support team is willing to help you build the functionality by providing specific examples of a merge.

    While the PRO2PDF plugin is the only plugin supported on this site, we are obviously well versed in Formidable Forms so we are willing help you locate the online doc, and/or offer our suggestions regarding that plugin too.

    NOTE: Using the online version of the PRO2PDF plugin with MAMP will not work correctly if PDFtk is not also installed locally. (A full refund is available!) Online, the plugin uses our server for the required PDFtk functionality. Additionally, the “intranet version” of the plugin is also required to unlock the paid version features for offline use.

    With the PRO2PDF plugin you/we have the ability to create “Templates” which include the Formidable Form, Field Map Layout, and the PDF Form. If you would like us to help you get started by creating a template based on your PDF form, please upload your PDF Form here. (Login info not required.)

    We agree with you about needing more help online, so we will upload a recently made instruction video, and link it to this message thread. The unedited video was made to show subcontractors how to create a merge from beginning to end.

    NOTE: It’s a painfully long, and not very formal video… but it will show you exactly how to make a PDF Form, Formidable Form, and a Field Map Layout with checkboxes and radio buttons included.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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