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    I’m using the plugin to create ID badges for an event, people sign up on the website and submit a photo and then the form emails me the ID badge to print.

    By far the majority of the PDFs (though not all!) that get emailed to me though have the image URL text displayed in the image field rather than the photo.

    Weirdly though, when I log into wordpress and select the same record and ‘Preview PDF’ it works fine and the PDF appears in the browser as expected.

    Any idea what is causing this?

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    We suspect the image download is not complete when the email is sent. We have found the new image field does not disable the submit button which allows Submit to be clicked prior to the download completing.

    One workaround would be to separate the image upload field with a “Next Page” field to give the file time to upload. Another workaround would be to add the shortcode to the body of the email action template so you receive a link allowing you to download the PDF

    Let us know if the above works for you as we remain at your service.

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    Thanks for the response. That does make sense.

    I’ve tried adding the ‘Next’ button but that doesn’t seem to be making a difference. I’ve also tried adding the download link to the form notification email. The link appears in the email but when I click it I get the following error message.

    There was an error generating the PDF file.
    Your server wasn’t able to upload PDF file:

    Any idea why that is?


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    If the email link has an error each time, then there is likely a problem with the shortcode. Paste the shortcode here for further review or complete this form if you would like us to take a look at your installation.

    We remain at your service.

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    That’s for the swift response!

    You are right, I had got the dataset and Layout mixed up and put the [ID] into the wrong bit of the shortcode.

    All fixed now, thanks!

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