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    Sarah Johnson

    I have the pdf created, one of the fields is not showing up on the pdf that is marked on the form.

    This is what I have done:
    pdf is created, all the fields are named.
    formidable is created.
    I assigned the formidable pro number to the field using the Formidable2Pro plugin on the website.

    On the pdf builder, we have goals tracking .The first row is the days we plan to do an activity and on the second row are the days we actually did it. Tuesday actual is not showing up as a checkmark. I would be happy to show you a pdf via email, or do a screen share. All the other days are working properly. Just this one isn’t.

    What info do you need from me? Can you help please? Thanks!

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    Just to be sure all is correct… You could try deleting, recreating, and renaming the PDF field, making sure to copy/paste the field name and field value from Formidable… then upload the revised PDF with the same filename to PRO2PDF, delete the existing field mapping and add the new field mapping.

    Use this form to share screenshots… we need;
    The PDF field’s settings dialog box showing the name of the field
    The PDF field’s settings dialog box showing the value of the field
    The Formidable Form field from the form editor page
    The PRO2PDF field map layout mapping of the two fields

    Or, provide us with login credentials here and we’ll figure it out quickly.

    We remain at your service.

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    Sarah Johnson

    I need a bit more information
    . Which “field map layout” are you referring to?
    . Attach the original PDF form, I’m unable to download any of the PDF forms from the plugin’s default folder (/wp-content/uploads/fpropdf-forms/)

    Thank you!!

    We are using the field map – “Step 5: Implement a plan”

    Here is a link to download the pdf we are using:

    I’ve tried to email you back several times, with no luck. I think your mail box is full. Please let me know if this is what you need! Thank you so much for your help!!

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    Sarah Johnson

    Hi FormidablePro team,

    I would like to get help with one more form. I sent this on January 16th. Did you see this? On the project management form I am getting correct responses on the first line, but not on the subsequent lines. If they check yes, it was completed on the second or more rows, it doesn’t mark yes on the pdf.

    I would be happy to pay your for your support. Your team has been fabulous to work with. Please let me know if you get this.

    Sarah Johnson
    Content Director

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    From: Sarah Johnson <>
    Subject: Re: [Formidable PRO2PDF] Help with website form builder
    Date: January 16, 2019 at 10:18:07 AM MST
    To: Formidable PRO2PDF <>

    Hi Formidable Pro2PDF team

    I have one more field map that needs some Formidable Pro2Pdf love. There is a project management form that is not working properly.

    The project manager does not record the completed items as a yes completed after the first row. So the first item that is marked completed works great, the subsequent field maps don’t work. If you look at the second pdf I have attached, the 2nd to do item, “remove growth” is marked yes on the formidable form online, but it is not pulling in to the completed PDF.

    To find this field map on the website:
    On the formidable Pro2Pdf plugin, go to the Project management form, and the Project management field map.

    For easy reference, I have emailed you the login credentials

    I emailed you the PDF with field maps, and the output pdf to

    Sarah Johnson
    Content Director

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