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    Hello Everyone,

    I am having problems trying to figure out a way to properly format the date for legal forms. A lot of tax forms have dates formats that are a bit unconventional (field wise).

    For example:

    The Texas State Assignment of right to refund form has the following field:

    “Executed ______ day of __________ , 20 _________.”

    which would be entered:

    “Executed ___10___ day of _____May_____ , 20 ____09_____.”

    Does anyone know of a way I can populate this field with the current date?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Chris W.

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    See: for a screenshot

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    Create three mappings using the Formidable: Dynamic setting found at the bottom of the “Webform Data Field ID” dropdown on the field map layout along with PHP date function like this… change [123] to your date field;

    1st Field Map, for “DAY” we use…
    [123 format=”jS”]
    (Where ‘j’ is the number date without leading zeros and ‘S’ provides the letters “st”, “nd”, “rd”)

    2nd Field Map, for “MONTH” we use…
    [123 format=”F”]
    (Where ‘F’ provides the full month in words)

    3rd Field Map, for “YEAR” we use…
    [123 format=”Y”]
    (Where ‘Y’ provides the four digit year)

    Formidable: Dynamic Date Formatting

    We remain at your service.

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    Thank you.

    That worked!

    Is there any way to trim the 20 off the year?

    ie 05 instead of 2005


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    As linked above, you can use any of the parameters found on this PHP Date Functions page. Two year is ‘y’

    We remain at your service.

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    Thanks! 🙂

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